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The practice is dedicated to improving the health of the local community through providing affordable andeffective Osteopathic treatment to Shenfield, Brentwood Billericay & the surrounding areas.

For more information or to make an appointment please phone07890 108 064.
Samantha Carey (B.Ost) Registered Osteopath
Most people have a few questions when deciding on the right treatment. I hope the information on this website will help answer some of these, if you would like more information please call        07890 108 064 to talk with our Osteopath.

Osteopathic Treatment can help with.....
Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain,Trapped Nerves (Sciatica)Muscle Spasms & TensionRepetitive Strain InjuryPostureArthritic PainFrozen ShoulderPregnancy related painDigestion Problems, Inability to RelaxSports Injuries, Headaches (of Musculoskeletal Origin)

and more.... 
Please ring for advice, if you are not sure whether Osteopathy is suitable for you. Contact usThe Shenfield Osteopathic Practice provides professionalosteopathic care; relieving pain, reducing stiffness and increasing mobility so you will feel better as soon as possible. We are registered with the General Osteopathic Council.
     Shenfield Osteopathic Practice, 208 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 8NR

'A helping hand towards improving your family's long term health'
Osteopath in Shenfield, Brentwood, located near to Shenfield rail station for convenience & quick access to appointments with our Osteopath.